H.I.D. Light Kits 35W

H.I.D. Light Kits 35W

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HID conversion kit is the revolution in automotive lighting technology. HID kits are 5x brighter compared to traditional halogen light bulbs. HID kits include 2x HID ballast, 1 pair of 35W High-Powered Xenon HID light bulbs.

HID kits come with standard 1 year limited warranty. Ballasts are both waterproof and shockproof to ensure durability when installed in your vehicle. You can also ensure that the HID kit is safe for both headlights and fog lights. Increase driving visibility during night time driving, you will feel safer and when you are behind the wheel in the dark.


* Some vehicles will require "cancelers" or a "relay harness" depending on Make & Model.

Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep = Cancelers

BMW/VW/Audi = Cancelers

Ford/Lincoln = Relay Harness

** If there are an wattage issues - you will be recommended to use one of these options. Newer model vehicles can vary per manufactured location.